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Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels | Multi State | TID: 11421474
1 Value: INR 2.36 Million (approx.) | Third party inspection services for projects of terminal automation upgradation at terminal, depot and terminal under punjab state office. | Due on 12-Aug-2014  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels | Maharashtra | TID: 11281735
2 Value: INR 18.56 Million (approx.) | Third Party Inspection Agency (TPI) for overseeing quality of work carried out by the Contractors appointed by the Corporation for re- commissioning of non-operative Access Control System (ACS) at Marketing locations. | Due on 12-Aug-2014  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels | Gujarat | TID: 10287335
3 Value: INR 6.33 Million (approx.) | Third Party Inspection for Automation Work Under Phase-IV At 240 Retail Outlets Under Gujarat State Office. | Due on 20-Mar-2014  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Power Plant | Maharashtra | TID: 11377324
4 Value: INR 5.53 Million (approx.) |
1. Supply of Submersible Pumps For CHP-B. CSTPS.
2. Procurement of Antiwear Liners For Discharge Chutes of Conveyor Systems at CHP-B. CSTPS.
3. Supply of Tramcar Wheels for ARW system.
4. Work contract for removal of old lining & re-rubber lining work by providing processed rubber at WTP-I, CSTPS.
5. Supply of Scoop Type Automatic Sampler For CHP-B, CSTPS.
6. Work of repairing of BMS panel, steam tracing line & soot blower line during annual overhaul & boiler shut down in U 1 & 2 ABL boiler at CSTPS.
7. Annual maintenance & servicing contract for batteries installed at Stg I & II.
8. Supply of various sizes of spool pieces for air heater tubes in U 1 & 2 at CSTPS.
9. Supply of various Digital Indicators, Calibrators & Controllers required for Stage I & II 210MW, CSTPS.
10. AMC for hiring of 05 Nos TATA Indica Cars ( Without A /c ) at CHP-A. CSTPS.
11. Work of reconditioning of ID fan Impeller model-DI BAB 143 in U 2 during short down at CSTPS.
12. Work of replacement of straight pipes & bends of P. F. Line adjacent to furnace in U -1 during annual overhaul, at CSTPS.
13. Annual Maintenance contract for lifting & shifting of LT motors & other electrical equipment for repairs.
14. Annual Contract of Third Party Inspection for important & critical spares at CSTPS.
15. Supply of spares for clinker grinder hydro ejector in U 3 & 4 at CSTPS.
16. Cooling tower hot water pipe line patching work for unit 1 to 4.
| Due on 09-Aug-2014  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels | Gujarat | TID: 10047190
5 Expression of interest for installation, commissioning, alteration, annual maintenance services, preventive network maintenance, emergency response & complaint management of PNG network & connections.
Patrolling services for Gas pipeline network in district.
Third party inspection & supervision of PNG connection activities.
New SAP modules/functionality implementation in existing SAP landscape.
Supply of Desktops, laptops & thin client.
Multiprotocol label switching/internet & communication gateway collocation services.
Supply of seamless/welded forged carbon steel fittings & carbon steel flanges.
Supply & maintenance work for electrical installations.
Civil construction & maintenance work on gas & non gas installations for district.
| Due on 15-Feb-2014  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Aluminium | Multi State | TID: 10377500
6 Expression o f Interest from service providers for POT Relining for smelter, Refractory lining & maintenance for smelter, Support services for smelter operations, Maintenance of technological vehicle, operation & maintenance of support & Annual maintenance contract for IT assets, Annual rate contract for site fabrication jobs, Annual rate contract for civil repairs and Painting, Operations & Maintenance services for Pump House, Coal sampling & analysis, Fly Ash evacuation, Crushing & Transportation of bulk material, Coal loading/unloading and transportation inside plant premises, Bulk material handling, Quality assurance & third party inspection, Plant Catering services, Horticulture development and maintenance, Customs Handling and other allied services for bulk & containerized cargo, Container Train Operators for multi-modal transportation, Road logistics service providers for bagged & containerised cargo pan India, Security service providers with Ex-Servicemen, Shipping lines/freight forwarders for dry bulk and containerized cargo, Security Sealing and rake escort services, Jumbo bag inventory management, Rail traffic management services, ICD terminal operation, Road Transportation of Aluminium Finished products pan India. | Due on 20-Mar-2014  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels | Gujarat | TID: 10505103
7 Express of Interest for route survey for steel distribution pipeline.
Mainline & internal survey of PE pipe line.
Internal piping survey for new commercial installation, YHS installation & alteration/modification.
Repairing & shifting of PE pipeline & manpower supply.
Civil repair & maintenance work.
Steel pipe line construction activities.
Steel pipeline maintenance, shifting, replacement, extension, laying & modification jobs.
PE pipe line laying by horizontal directional drilling (HDD) method & associated work.
Third party inspection & supervision of PE & PNG connection.
Installation, maintenance & monitoring of permanent/temporary catholic protection system.
Data centre enhancement.
Supply, installation of backup tape library.
Supply, installation, testing commissioning, integration & amc of structured cabling.
Hiring of direct marketing agencies (DMA) of domestic, connections.
Annual maintenance, technical up-gradation, riser maintenance & customer request including alteration for PNG installations.
| Due on 15-Apr-2014  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Petroleum Products | Gujarat | TID: 11027356
8 Backup communication links & internet communication links requirement for various GSPL stations in Gujarat vide single stage three part bidding process - scope of work for BCL (Back-up Communication Link) in between Control Centres and various GSPL stations and Internet Communication Links (For internet services) at base locations - Project Management, Design, Engineering, Procurement, Supply of all related items / components and providing all related services including packing and delivery of items to site, Installation, Commissioning, all complete including the related civil works and cabling of the Back-up Communication Link (BCLs) and cabling of Internet Communication links, Termination, earthing, Integration, site acceptance testing, trial run, Third Party Inspection, handing over to Client for fully functional BCL (Back-up Communication Link) and Internet communication links including all related items. | Due on 18-Jul-2014  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels | Maharashtra | TID: 11239834
9 Third party inspection agency for overseeing quality of work carried out by contractors appointed by corporation for re-commissioning of non operative access control system at marketing locations. | Due on 11-Aug-2014  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
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